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Meet Toby Anderson

Toby Anderson is running for Representative of the 65th District of Pennsylvania which includes Warren County and parts of Crawford and Forest Counties. Mr. Anderson is a Democrat and a Navy Veteran with over 7 years’ experience as an intelligence specialist. He intends to fight for increased education funding in the wake of the disastrous

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My Stance on the 2nd Amendment

On 11 August 2005, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Though my active duty military time is over, I still take that oath very seriously.  As an owner of firearms and lifelong resident of the Commonwealth, I take our laws very seriously as well.  Article 1, Section

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Walk with Toby on the 4th

Would you like to show your support for investment in education AND Toby Anderson for State Representative? Signup today to walk in Warren’s 4th of July Parade (around 10:30am on Friday, July 4) as a part of Team Toby! You’ll get a free Toby Anderson T-Shirt and as much candy as you can carry. Just

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Petition to Restore Education Cuts

Providing high-quality public education is a fundamental responsibility of state government. Governor Tom Corbett and State Representative Kathy Rapp have turned their backs on the Commonwealth’s public schools. They chose to cut nearly $1 billion in investments to school districts. During Governor Corbett’s term in office, student test scores have fallen. Drastic cuts to basic

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Action Center

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You can donate via the internet by clicking the button above. You can donate by standard mail by sending a check payable to "Friends of Toby Anderson" to the following address:

Friends of Toby Anderson
PO Box 423
Warren, PA 16365

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Toby Anderson is a 7+ year Veteran of the Navy who plans on restoring our education funding, protecting our environment and finally focusing on jobs. But without you he'll never get the change to change the course of northwest Pennsylvania. Sign up today!